Welcome to our kennel website. It operates with selective breeding under supervision of Cinology Association of Slovenia (CAS) and Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in accordance to breed’s standard of both parties.

We have been surrounded with animals, especially dogs, almost all our lives and therefore, the major impact was made in year 2001 when our first Airedale terrier stepped into our house, Eros (Eros Ramazzotti Red Nokomis). We have been addicted to the breed and its character ever since.

All our dogs have been successfully participating in dog shows and obedience skills, but in our free time passion remains mountaneering, travelling and enjoying in collective walks. Latter activities only proove their versability for work, obedience, sport or just active spending free time and, therefore, consequently laziness in home environment. After completing the majority of planned Wendy’s activities, the decision was made for first selective breeding. The kennel name, DANTE DEO’S (eng. GOD’S GIFT), was chosen in remembrance of all our future generations.

Our aim in breeding programme is firstly to remain breeding healthy dogs with sound characters, socialized to people and dogs and simultaneously be influenced with breed’s standard for dog shows and working skills suitable for wider spectre of new active owners. In order to maintain healthier dogs we have also changed feeding programme to ONLY biologically appropriate raw food (B.A.R.F.) feeding consisted of fresh meat, guts, vegetables and fruits.

We are overwhelmed to be able to connect our never forgotten Eros from Rainbow bridge with foundation bitch, Wendy, and her first offsprings. What is more, we hope our healthy puppies will create in new owners’ homes similar atmosphere to ours and fill you with joy, laughter and positive energy.